Guest Blog: Choosing a Crane Hire Company

Sammy Blackmore is currently a writer for Membrey’s Transport and Crane Hire. She is an avid truck and engine fan and shows her passion through her writing. In this article, she talks about the key things a crane hire company should offer.

The construction industry is a constantly growing one. With newer advancements in mechanics and technology, companies are able to offer more robust and efficient service. Cranes are a favourite among contractors. This heavy duty equipment is used almost always as it focuses on transporting materials from one place to another. Humans can physically do the task themselves but it can be taxing and requires a longer turnaround time. Likewise, the materials are also at risk of wear and tear when handled by humans.

Crane hire companies are companies that offer the lease of cranes as their main service. This service realizes tons of benefits for the customer like customizable lease periods, adherence to construction legislation and the like. These are further detailed below.

Flexible and Stackable Lease

Need a crane for only a day? Go right ahead. Even if you find out later that you need it for an additional two days, the crane hire company will be more than happy to extend your lease. You can rent a crane anywhere from one day to several months. Likewise, if the need arises to two or more cranes, the company will also be able to accommodate.

No Legislation Worries

Just like purchasing your own vehicle, owning a crane also warrants several licenses and permits. Also, there may be times when you need to coordinate with the proper authorities when you are transporting things. This can be troublesome especially if you aren’t planning on using the crane regularly. If this is so, you should opt to rent instead as crane hire companies.

Different Cranes at your Disposal

Cranes have various attributes. If you don’t know exactly what you need, the company will be able to help. They have all sorts of cranes you can choose from. The length of the boom, the radius of rotation and the carrying capacity are all crucial in determining what type of lift you need. The company can also send you further information and crane specifications should you need them before availing of the service. This should help in the decision making process.


Crane hire companies are experienced in their field. Due to their regular exposure to workplace hazards, they have best practices in place to help you maximize the service without putting anybody at risk.

Competitive Pricing

There are tons of crane hire companies out there. Even if they are in a different part of the country, they will most likely service all regions on the same continent. Due to this, pricing is extremely competitive. What you want is a service that is priced justly and also offers decent customer support and timely delivery.

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