Construction Accidents Happen Everyday…

On December 26, 2008 by

I’ve recently set up certain Google Alerts and subscribed to a few RSS feeds that provide updates regarding construction safety standards, issues and problems. Most surprising about the information being distributed is just how often construction accidents happen.

Just last week, I was alerted to an incident in Atlanta where a pedestrian bridge under construction had collapsed leaving one dead and 15 others injured.

On the morning of that accident, a construction company began what they thought was just another morning. As 2009 approaches, it’s nearly certain that they are restlessly pouring through their insurance policies, speaking to authorities, worrying about OSHA fines and lawsuits, calculating the project’s new delay and having other thoughts that make it increasingly difficult for them to continue work as usual.

A construction accident like this is devastating for two reasons: First, people die and get hurt. Second, your construction business has enormous liability exposure and can plummet into a downward spiral of bureaucracy and legal headache.

The legal and economical problems associated with a construction accident like this are nearly unmeasurable. A problem like this can happen to your company, and so it’s important to take precautions.

A good place to get started? Try the OSHA online assistance center for the Construction Industry.

Here are some other blogs about construction safety that publish great information about the topic on a day-to-day basis:

While we haven’t posted on construction safety in the past here at the Construction Law Monitor, we will be keeping an eye on these important issues and making further mention of them. Stay tuned.

On Dec 26, 2008