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In the course of staying on the pulse of the construction industry I read numerous articles online, using things like twitter, Google Reader and other forms of social media. Recently, I discovered a website from Darren Slaughter, he designs websites just for contractors! Many contractors have lackluster sites that all but drive away potential clients, and there are still some who do not even have a site. Its rare to come across an individual who designs sites specifically for contractors.

I found Slaughter because he wrote an informative piece on Google+ for contractors and it has good content. Check it out here.

The discovery of Slaughter’s site got me wondering if there were other sites out there specifically tailored for contractors. From a brief google search, I was able to find the following:

The ones named above seem to be very credible and worth looking into if you are a contractor in need of a site. In this day and age, the contractor operating “out the back of his truck” is a thing of the past. Any good contractor and client will need to be fluent and well versed on using computers, the internet and more. There are no more yellow pages, its all your internet presence.

As always, when looking for contractors a website is important but that should not be where the research ends for a consumer. It is always very important to make sure the contractor is licensed. Any body can put up a site. I would advise contractors to put the licensing information in some form on the site so that it can be double checked against the states website. Here in Louisiana contractors and consumers can find licensing information at the Louisiana State Licensing Board for Contractors.

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  • Great article Seth. We recently participated in a regional commercial construction roundtable several key owners listed two of the most important things they like to see on websites regarding the contractors they choose to work on their projects: experience and references. Owners and architects want to know that you have experience constructing buildings similar to what they aim to construct and when push comes to shove they want to be able to research your background and hear from real people that you have worked with in the past.
    Having a clear overall marketing strategy will help you outline the goals of your website and social media efforts.

  • Seth, thank you for the kind words and great piece! -Darren