Hurricane Isaac – Are You Prepared

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This week New Orleans and south Louisiana are preparing for Hurricane Isaac to have an impact on the region. With these type of events come an aftermath where property owners and contractors are left scrambling to put the pieces back together. The best way to quell the negative effects of an event like this is to be prepared.

Undoubtedly, there will be those who need to make property damage claims. Undoubtedly there will be contractors who come into the area trying to make a few dollars on the repair. It will be tempting to save a few dollars and go with the cheap (unlicensed or uninsured) contractor but that is a recipe for disaster.

There are lots of great resources for homeowners and contractors alike at Louisiana State Contrators Licensing Board’s website. This is a very important step in finding good qualified contractors to do remediation work. Further, contractors who come in from out of state will need to register on this site before performing work in Louisiana.

As for dealing with insurance companies to make your claim. I advise clients to take pictures and video of your property before the storm makes landfall. This will give you an up-to-date log of your inventory. Then after the damage has occurred, then you will need to make yet another video/picture document log. Concurrently with this you will need to put your insurer on notice of any and all claims. Look to your policy, insurer’s website, or the Louisiana Department of Insurance website for contact information on your company. Notice of the claim is nearly as important as documenting the claim. Click here for a more detailed claims process rundown.

In recent years Wolfe Law Group has handled hundreds of insurance claims dealing with property loss. Contacting experienced professionals to help with your claim will ensure that you receive the maximum amount of indemnity. We will be monitoring the situation closely for our neighbors in South Louisiana.



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On Aug 27, 2012