Why Lien?

On November 11, 2007 by

Dear Contractor/Subcontractor/Supplier:

There are some customers or prime contractors who will not pay you after a significant amount of work, labor, services and materials have been invested into performing a job. The founder of Zlien’s father and grandfather were both general contractors in New Orleans, LA, so we know your frustration.

The best way to collect on these non-paying accounts is to begin collecting quickly and thereby motiving the debtor to resolve your claim.

Mechanic’s liens – the documents created and filed by Zlien – are inexpensive and hard-hitting. These filings put restrictions on the job-site property, they entangle the owner with your dispute, they can freeze public funding, and more.

You may be pressured to hold-off on filing your lien and beginning the process of collecting on your account receivable. Homeowners may attempt to postpone payment by promising future funding, and many general contractors – perhaps pointing to a “pay when paid” clause – may promise payment once it gets paid on the job.

These “hold ups” on payment – even when legitimate or well-reasoned – will not suspend the short and strict time period you have to file your lien. If you wait too long, you may lose your right to file a lien – and that means you lose the ability to inexpensively take this important step in collecting on an account receivable and in preserving your rights against all parties funding the project.

Filing a lien will stake your claim. If you were hired by the Owner, it will restrict the owner’s ability to abandon, sell or otherwise transfer the property. If you were hired by the Contractor, a filed lien gives you the right to not only seek payment from the Contractor, but also from the Owner, thereby increasing your chances of getting paid.

Not only is the founder of Zlien the son and grandson of general contractors, but he is also a successful construction attorney licensed to practice law in both Louisiana and Washington. Scott Wolfe, Jr. was named as a Top 50 New Orleans Attorney in 2006 and 2007.

Zlien makes filing a mechanic’s lien fast and easy, and we have the experience and knowledge to help you get paid on a non-paying construction job.

On Nov 11, 2007