Wolfe Law Group Offers Services to Homeowners with Defective Chinese Drywall

On July 5, 2009 by

Wolfe Law Group, a construction law firm with offices in Louisiana, Washington and Oregon, is now offering services to homeowners with defective drywall who are interested in bringing a direct claim against their builder or supplier for recovery.

Recently, we’ve written on this blog about why class action litigation may not be the most direct and beneficial course of action for homeowners with Chinese Drywall.

Homeowners have contract and warranty claims directly against their builders and the builder’s insurer, which may produce tangible recovery much quicker than a prolonged and complex class action proceeding.

Wolfe Law Group is now offering services to homeowners who are interested in presenting these claims against their insurers and/or builders.  For more information on this practice area and the associated fees, please click here to visit wolfelaw.com’s page on the same.

On Jul 05, 2009